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Frequently asked questions

Tuition Questions

What is the process for finding a tutor?

We have a network of professional tutors in the South East who have been interviewed, reference checked and DBS checked on our system by our founders. When an enquiry is made through our site, we post this to our job portal for our tutors to see. They are then able to propose themselves to us as a suitable match; however, they must meet certain guidelines per job to ensure they are suitable. 

Once we have a selection of tutors for the client an email will be sent with a description of each tutor, their experience, days and times available and their rates. Sometimes, this can take up to 14 days in peak tuition times (September, January and July). You are more than welcome to contact us for more information regarding any of the tutors at any time within this process; we are more than happy to advise further. Once you have made your decision about a tutor, we will send out terms and conditions.  As soon as all the paperwork is in place, we will arrange for the tutor to contact you and arrange a mutually agreed time for tuition. 

Our tutors input their hours onto a time sheet which will need to be approved by the client. After the first session, a follow up email will be sent to ensure both parties are happy. If there is any issues these will be addressed and resolved before any further tuition takes place. 

What is the usual rate tutors charge?

As our tutors are professionals in their subjects we believe strongly they should set their own rates along with our recommended guidelines. We charge 15% on top of their fee which makes up the rate chargeable to clients. We believe by allowing tutors to set their own rates we are ensuring they are receiving the amount they deserve for their expertise and time. 

As a guideline tuition starts at £36/h (£6 of which is an agency fee) and goes up to £60 an hour (£10 of which is an agency fee). These prices depend on the level of teaching needed. For a rough estimate, please feel free to contact us for more information.